Kino Kabaret 2012

Make a film in Africa this summer!

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Gear-up for an incredible week of filmmaking!

The Burundi Film Center is looking for filmmakers to participate in the first-ever Kino Kabaret in East Africa. Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to travel across the world and do something you love.

Who's involved?

The Burundi Film Center is a not-for-profit media development organization celebrating its 5th anniversary this summer. Our films have played in over 80 international film festivals. This year, we are partnering with FESTICAB, an emerging film festival in Bujumbura, to hold a Kino Kabaret with international filmmakers and our eager students.

What's a Kino Kabaret?

Kino is a worldwide movement encouraging new, talented filmmakers to produce more work. Kino "Kabarets", in turn, are intensive 48- and 72-hour challenges that allow these writers, directors, actors and crew members to come together and create films that get screened to an appreciative public.

Where is Burundi?

Just south of Rwanda, Burundi is a tiny francophone country shaped and positioned as the heart of Africa. Look at a map and you'll understand.

When is it?

Our Kino Kabaret will be held during FESTICAB 2012, June 15 -22. We are, however, encouraging filmmakers can come early to teach advanced courses for the Burundi Film Center. We also hope others will stay until July 1st when Burundi will celebrate its 50th anniversary as an independent country.

How do I go?

Get on a plane! If you're looking for financial assistance, FESTICAB will agree to screen one of your previously made short films to help you find travel funds. Accommodations will be provided.

For any questions, please contact BFC co-founder Christopher Redmond.

Burundi Film Center

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