About Us

The Burundi Film Center (BFC) was launched as a non-profit media development project in the summer of 2007 under a mandate to "Inspire. Educate. Entertain." The first five short films created by our students are currently circulating festivals around the world and all over the nation of Burundi. Read more here.

Our mandate is to "Inspire. Educate. Entertain."

Our vision is that the Burundi Film Center (BFC) develop as a three phase initiative towards the development of Burundi as a film and video-producing nation; for its product, talent and ultimately for the country as a location for producing foreign films. Burundi is a nation emerging from a war-time crisis and entering a new era of cultural understanding, tolerance and education. The absence of a developed media has crippled the nation's ability to operate as a proper democracy and exposed the need for professional journalism and artistic expression through audio-visual storytelling. The BFC is a unique opportunity for Burundian citizens to learn essential 21st century mass communication skills from international filmmakers and documentarians, while engaging those same media experts in African issues.

Our Model

The first phase of the project takes Burundi's youth and trains them in media literacy and media practices. Small, collaborative workshops run the gamut of teaching youth to write, shoot and edit documentary and fiction videos. The second phase takes the videos created by the youth in a traveling film festival that will expose them to Burundi's population. Partnerships with television stations, international film festivals, and educational partners are helping us ensure that the films receive maximum exposure both at home and abroad. The third phase, should multiple rounds of the first and second phase prove successful, is the establishment of a film office to attract foreign productions to shoot in Burundi, employing local trainees as part of their technical crew.

The pilot-project the BFC will began June 6, 2007 and culminated with the traveling film festival from July 24 -31, 2007. We are now looking to establish a permanent presence in Burundi and share our stories with audiences all around the world.

Why Burundi, why now?

Burundi is a nation emerging from a war-time crisis in which our cultural diversity and creative energy is now finding the space to flourish. The country is entering an era where differences are celebrated and forge common understandings through music, theatre, dance, writing - all of which can be combined and expanded through film and video. The development of these cultural expressions will grow and continue to carry Burundi culture around the globe with the development of a Burundi Film Center.

The Burundi Film Office

A film center is best positioned as a society establishment which promotes arts, culture, innovation and technology while facilitating the development and promotion of the industry. As such, it co-ordinates the many demands of film productions and ensures that the industry has the capacity to grow. The office administers film, bursary and training funds, acts as an interface between the government and the private sector, while translating the ideas from people, writers, researchers, producers, directors and those who provide service support. It is this dedicated team which make films, television programs, advertisements, educational content and provide services to corporate communications that the nation relies on. The film center is an important communication tool that will link the government policy makers to the private sector and foreign institutions, thereby exposing Burundi internationally.